Ryuunosuke Kurosawa

Ah! Sorry sorry sorry!


Age: 16

High Concept: Bashful Computer Club Latchkey Kid
Ryuunosuke (or Ryuu to his buddies) is the shy but somehow most approachable member of the school’s Computer Club. His parents are almost never home (his father works abroad, and his mother is a salarywoman in the big city), so he spends a lot of time looking after the family home and playing video games… activities not especially well suited for becoming socially well-adjusted.

Trouble: Weak Bodied
Ryuu was sick as a kid, and while he’s (mostly) better now, his PE teacher knows all too well how frail he is. Sports are anathema to Ryuu, and when the cold season comes around, chances are he’ll be missing a few days of school at least.

Personal Aspect: Friendly Face (Probably? Can’t see half of it.)
Despite being shy, and a little withdrawn, Ryuu tends to have a smile on his face. He’s polite too, which makes him popular with adults and elderly people.

Persona Aspect: [it is a mystery]





+3: Academics
+2: Resolve, Rapport
+1: Stealth, Deceit, Athletics

Stunt: Recurring Sick Note
One advantage to being sick and frail is that it works as a built in excuse to get out of class. It’s a privilege that Ryuu doesn’t usually take advantage of, but if he ever needs to go somewhere in the middle of the day, he can always say he’s going to see the school Nurse (who he happens to be well acquainted with).

Stunt: A Private Place
With his parents barely ever being home, Ryuu has a place where he and others can meet and be able to expect privacy. Not that Ryuu ever has had any friends over in a while, of course.

Stunt: Computer Room Key
Computers are valuable, and the school likes to keep them (and who has access to them) limited in a variety of ways. One of the obstacles facing students who want to access the school’s computer network is that they can normally only do it during school hours (and usually only when they have a class there), however Ryuu and his fellow club members are able to come and go as they please.

Stunt: It’s All In The Eyes
Part of discerning whether or not someone is telling the truth, or being truly straightforward with you, is being able to see the look in their eyes when they say something. Short of cutting off his bangs, or forcing him to part them, it’s pretty tough to tell when Ryuu is saying something that’s not quite the truth. Except for the visually impaired, anyone attempting rolling Empathy against one of Ryuu’s social rolls may not boost or reroll their check.

Fate Points: 3 | Refresh: 3

Physical: [][]
Mental: [][][]




Ryuunosuke Kurosawa

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